Friday, July 15, 2011

June to Early July results

No Contact Order - Dropped
Negligent Driving First Degree (criminal) - reduced to traffic infraction
Assault in the Fourth Degree - Domestic Violence (Assault 4 DV) - Dismissed
Theft in the Third Degree (shoplifting) - Dismissed
Felony Drug Possession - resolved as misdemeanor
DUI - Reduced to Negligent Driving First Degree
Assault in the Fourth Degree - Reduced to Disorderly Conduct
Theft in the Third Degree - Dismissed
Reckless Driving - reduced to simple traffic infraction
DUI - reduced to Reckless Driving
Reckless Driving - Dismissed
DUI - reduced to Reckless Driving
Theft in the Third Degree - Dismissed
DOL hearings for pending DUI suspensions - won (multiple)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ashbach - PHP instead of HTML

Our new website for excellent criminal defense in Northwest Washington
* DUI and Physical Control
o Minor DUI
o Physical Control
* Driving and Vehicle Offenses
o Driving with Suspended License
o Eluding Police
o Hit and Run
o Loaded Firearm in Vehicle
o Motor Vehicle Theft
o Negligent Driving
o Racing
o Reckless Driving
o Unattended Child in Vehicle
o Vehicle Prowling
o Vehicular Assault
o Failure to Obey Flagger
o No Valid Operator License
o Traffic Infractions
* Property Crimes
o Arson
o Burglary
o Forgery
o Identity Theft
o Malicious Mischief
o Organized Retail Theft
o Possession of Stolen Property
o Reckless Burning
o Residential Burglary
o Theft
o Theft of Firearm
o Theft of Livestock
o Trafficking in Stolen Property
o Trespass
o Unlawful Issuance of Bad Checks
* Crimes Against People
o Assault
o Cyberstalking
o Domestic Violence
o Harassment
o Interfering With Reporting of Domestic Violence
o No Contact Orders
o Reckless Endangerment
o Stalking
o Telephone Harassment
o Unlawful Imprisonment
* Public Crimes
o Dangerous Dogs
o Disorderly Conduct
o Failure to Disperse
o False Reporting
o Obstructing
o Patronizing a Prostitute
o Possession of Dangerous Weapon
o Prostitution
o Resisting Arrest
o Riot
o Unlawful Discharge of Firearm
o Unlawful Display of Weapon
o Unlawful Possession of Firearm
* Alcohol and drugs
o Consumption in Public Place
o Delivery of Controlled Substance
o Furnishing Liquor to Minors
o Manufacture of a Controlled Substance
o Minor in Possession or Consumption
o Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
o Possession of Marijuana
o Possession of a Controlled Substance/VUCSA
* The criminal process