Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Posts and Pages at www.ashbachdefense.com

Please visit the new pages at www.ashbachdefense.com, which are listed below:

Lake Stevens Defense -
The Lake Stevens Defense page summaries some of our recent results for cases arising out of Lake Stevens, Washington, as well as an overview of how cases from Lake Stevens are handled.

No Contact Order Success
This page highlights several recent successes we have had both defending No Contact Order petitions in civil courts and preventing No Contact Orders are part of criminal allegations.

Suspended License First Degree
This page highlights a case where we found an error within DOL which incorrectly revoked our client's license, and we were able to prevent a mandatory 180 days in jail.

Assault Fourth Degree - "Not Guilty" 
This page discusses a recent trial where our client was found "Not Guilty" by the six-member jury.

Shoplifting Dismissed
This page discusses a recent shoplifting case we handled where the matter was dismissed and our client's career was saved.

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